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District Governor Eric Holthaus 27-D1 District Governor
Eric Holthaus

When you read this article it will be February and the 2017 27-D1 Convention is right around the corner. Many of you have attended conventions in the past and some of you like them, but some of you feel that one convention is the same as the rest. For those individuals who have never attended a convention and wonder why go, I hope to encourage you to attend ours on March 10-11 at the Marriott in Middleton. One of the reasons to attend is to meet other Lions, Lioness, and Leos just like you. As we meet during the sessions and the hospitality, you can find that other clubs are just like yours, and others have some of the same challenges that you might face. Additionally, if you keep going year after year you can find friendly faces and establish long lasting frendships. Also this is the Centennial convention as we celebrate Lion's 100 years, and we want to celebrate this anniversary. One of the highlights of the District Convention will be an awards celebration that will recognize the individuals who were nominated for Lion of the Year in the District. Also, the Lions Club of the Year will be recognized as well. Check in the menu above to find out the details of these recognitions.

The weekend before our convention is the annual Lions Day at the UN in New Your City. You might wonder why I bring this up. This year my theme is Back to the Future, and many Lions do not realize that Lions Clubs International helped to form the United Nations in 1946. Because of this, the UN annually recogizes the efforts of Lions Club International. Every year, Lions throughout the wold are invited to this event. I would encourage anyone who has the desire to attend this to register for it in the future.

You might be starting to hear about Lions Clubs International asking our Lions clubs to start doing service activities in our communities with other service clubs. For some of you, this is almost second nature, but for others, you might wonder why. The main reason is to increase the visibility of our Lions Clubs in our communities, and if your club needs more individuals to work on larger projects such as Legacy projects by partnering with other organizations, this is an excellent way to do it. The main benefit is that your community is improved through these large service projects.

I want to thank you for all that you and your Lions Club do. If you have envited me for a club visit this year, thank you. If you have not, please consider scheduling a club visit.