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District Governor Eric Holthaus 27-D1 District Governor
Eric Holthaus

Climbing New Mountains
Back to the Future September 2016

It's a great year to be a Lion. In the two months of reporting our District have reported 128 different activities with 2,107 Lions hours and 37,451 people served and 1,983 participants. During the same period $31,556 in funds have been raised and $26,496 have been donated. These are great numbers keep it up! These are the reported numbers for the district. Just imagine the numbers that our District would have if all of our clubs reported their activities. I am just using this to show the importance of reporting our club activities but more importantly it shows how our Lions Clubs serve our communities.

For membership we have gained 26 members in the two months of the year and lost 27 for a net of -1 for the year. Let us try to keep adding to our membership. If you have new members to induct, we have a unique experience coming up for the new members. On October 1 our International President Bob Corlew will be coming to Wisconsin with his Bus tour. As part of the activities of the day, which will be in the Racine and Milwaukee areas, there will be a meet and greet with the International President with him Inducting new members. I would like to suggest that if you have new members to induct, along with their sponsors, that they come over to Milwaukee on the 1st to be inducted by the International President himself.

October 1st also starts a contest for Eye Glass collection that will run through the State Convention on May 6th . To participate in the event put your eye glasses in a box labeled with the district and club and turn them into your Zone Chair to turn in for the event or better yet bring them to Milwaukee yourselves. A reminder that the regional meetings will be coming up in October as well. This is a great opportunity to hear about Legacy Centennial project ideas as well as meeting other Lions from other clubs.

Lion Laurie and myself our looking forward to our upcoming club visits and if you have not yet scheduled the annual club visit please contact me to arrange the club visit.