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District Governor Jodi Burmester 27-D1 District Governor
Jodi Burmester

We Are Our Own Best Resource

As I travel the District and attend Lion events across the State, I am constantly reminded that our best resource is each other.

Whether you are attending another club's fundraiser, participating in a workshop or experiencing a convention, talking to the other Lions in attendance offers information you will never find on the agenda.

There are a couple of great opportunities to meet and learn from other 27-D1 Lions coming up this spring.

First, is District Convention March 10th-11th. In my opinion, Conventions offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to mixing fun, learning and networking. When you check out the schedule, you can see there is something for everyone on the agenda and a multitude of opportunities for you to talk to and learn from fellow attendees, as well.

Next up is Officer Training in mid-to-late April. Officer Training offers our club leaders a chance to learn about their duties for the upcoming year and gives them a chance to meet their counterparts in other clubs and build a support network.

Attending one or both of these events will increase your Lion knowledge and help you build your network. But like anything else, you will get out of it what you put into it. It doesn't take much, sitting in on and participating in table discussions during meals or sessions is a great way to get started.

I am shocked at how few Lions venture outside of their own Club to truly understand the benefit of belonging to the world's largest service organization. If you are one of those Lions, I challenge you to attend a neighboring club's fundraiser or come to Convention and see what you are missing.

Thank you for all you do! You totally rock!