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District Governor Eric Holthaus 27-D1 District Governor
Eric Holthaus

It is hard to believe but it is December already and how the time has flown by. My wife Laurie and I have enjoyed the club visits that we have gone on and look forward to the ones that are coming up. If your club has not scheduled one so far, please try to setup a District Governor's meeting so I can tell your club about the exciting upcoming events that are coming up in the next year.

On July 1, 2016 Lions Club International introduced some changes in regards to voting at conventions that I want to discuss at this time. The first change was that all dues must be paid up to Lions Club International 15 days before the convention. Some other districts have been caught with this change because clubs have added new members within the 15 days before the convention and prorated dues have not been paid to LCI which has prevented the clubs from voting. We will be sending more information about this change along with the January dues statements. Please make sure that your club has your dues paid up 15 days before the convention because we will no longer be able to accept the payment of dues on the day of voting like some clubs have done in the past.

A second change that LCI made on July 1 is that the ballots for voting must now have a standard format where there is a Yes and No indicator for each candidate and that the District must decide on an acceptable indicator such as an X or a check mark to indicate the voter's selection. If the voter does not use the selected indicator, then the ballot is to be thrown out. One of the other changes is that if a candidate does not receive over fifty percent of the eligible delegates votes then the Candidate is not elected. This makes it important for all of us who are Delegates to vote at the convention. Further information about these changes will be coming so that we can all have a successful election and a great convention.

My wife Laurie and I want to Wish You and Yours a Great Holiday Season.