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District Governor Eric Holthaus 27-D1 District Governor
Eric Holthaus

I want to thank who attended the District Convention. I feel that the convention committee put together an excellent convention program and I hope that you enjoyed it as well. Now that the district convention is over, I want to bring up the important subject of officer elections. For those clubs who have already elected the officers for next year I want to thank you and for those who have not please do as soon as possible. We need this information because we are sending information out to next year's officers so that they can study some material in advance of this month's officer training sessions.

Attending this year's officer training sessions is especially important because we have totally revamped the training and will be spending time at each session so that the club's officers can get together to begin goal setting for next year. Please sign up for one of the six officer training sessions to prepare for your position. If you do not have a position next year, you are still more than welcome to attend because we are having a club member orientation program as well.

We also have room on the bus that is going to the International parade at the International convention on Saturday July 1. I want to thank all of you for your support during this year and encourage you to plan for a grand Centennial celebration next year.